Call for Proposal on Research and Case Studies about Innovation, Startup, Business Internationalization and Business ecosystem creation and developing.

Go Global now! will hold various sessions catered to diverse topics, specialties and markets. The event attract digital professionals from across the EMEA region and the world in an aim to connect, network and learn; providing a great opportunity to reach potential partners, expose your work to leading media, and reach business professionals.
At “Go Global now” we are always on the search for new faces and expertise to share their work and research. here is what we are looking for:

  • Are you an incubator/accelerator working on a innovative and disruptive models with thrilling results to share?
  • Are you managing a brand with innovative ideas? Or a brand that is expanding online through a great in-house team?
  • Are you an innovation expert that has conducted research and have something unique to share?

Congratulations! You are who we’re looking for!

Send an e-mail to secretary @ with an abstract or a pitch of your panel and we will look into your proposal or future speaking opportunities at our events.

A few things: – Content provided will be treated with high confidentiality and will not be published without the authorization of the owner. – Presentations are 15 minutes long, however Q&A sessions vary between 5 to 15 minutes based on the structure of the event.