The competition of ideas will offer participants the opportunity for growth, for networking with professionals, with corporate executives from the Silicon Valley and potential international venture capital investors.
The most interesting ideas/business plans presented by contestants will be awarded with a fellowship to participate at the 3 weeks MtB Startup School or at 1 weeks MtB Executive Intrapreneurship Program @ San Francisco.

CESVITEC will offer two fellowships for Green Tech business ideas.

Mind the Bridge will offer 1 or 2 fellowships for the most promising projects (all areas)


MtB Startup Business School


Mind the Bridge Startup School is a three-week program in San Francisco, that offers selected participants both theoretical and experiential learning of what it’s like to be a Silicon Valley startup. Aimed at teaching participants to think like an entrepreneur, the workshop is also tailored to address the entrepreneurial needs of students and professionals to transform their ideas into a new venture worthy of financial support.

 MtB Startup School

MtB Intrapreneurship Program


Designed to be most effective through company team participation, the MtB Executive Intrapreneurship Program takes middle-to-upper managers back to the proverbial garage where the company’s innovative foundations were first developed. Our mission is to help them and their company become more agile and innovative, and to successfully create and execute new business opportunities.

 MtB Intrapreneurship Program


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