What is it:

The Boot Camp is an intense program opened to selected startups from the MTS Seed Program: ~15 semifinalists previously selected by the MtB Mentors after screening and evaluating hundreds of applications.
The session is more than intense training and panel discussions. Startups are invited to pitch in front of mentors with exceptional experience in new ventures from whom they will receive feedback, followed by evaluation and selection to the next step. A unique occasion for the participating startups to improve their communication skills, focus on the weak and strong points of their presentation and, finally, fine tune their business plan.


Incubators, Accelerators, Startups, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Investors


Cross pollinate from a Silicon Valley accelerator. Share methodologies, programs, measures to look at, how to attract projects, how to scale.
– Pre-Session with MTB intl mentors (on premises) with presentations
– 1-2 coordinator from each Accelerator will be able to join the close Bootcamp session
– Interact with selected international startups


  • Rick Belluzzo (ex Vice President Microsoft)
  • James C. Roberts III (Managing Partner, Global Capital Law Group, CEO at Global Capital Strategic Group)
  • Christian Fasulo (Sr. Global Program Manager at Google, CEO & Co-Founder at Polk&Union S.r.l)
  • Anne Marie Russo (Mentor, Mind the Bridge Startup up School)
  • Francisco Garcia (Founder and Managing Director at Gut Capital)

  • Marco Marinucci (CEO Mind the Bridge Foundation)
  • Alberto Onetti (Chairman Mind the Bridge Foundation)
  • Jeremy Bamnerg (Community & Outreach Manager at Factory)
  • Peter Kruger (CEO at eZecute & Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Rome)
  • Simon Schaefer (Founder & CEO at Factory , Partner at JMES Investments)


Campania Innovazione guests list

Marco Leonetti, Giuseppe Autorino, Luigi Sibilio, Pasquale Iovine, Francesco Ferraro, Gianluigi Oranges, Pierluigi Vasquez, Manuela Giuliano, Maria Fucile, Emilia Strazzullo