Original art rental and sales

ArtRooms is an user driven marketplace to sales and rental artworks.
The vision is making art and the art cultural experience moreaccessible to people. ArtRooms allows the community of artists , after a careful selection of our ArtHunter, to participate freely and free of charge, to create a virtual artroom greater and cheaper than its laboratory or any gallery. ArtRooms value proposition is promoting to artlovers (new audience collectors and potential users) real certified original and unique artworks in a innovative social and digital experience.



Web site artrooms.it

Team: Giuseppe Autorino, Giuseppe D’Aniello, Diego Ciotola, Guido Ilardi, Alisia Mariani

More info: WiMotics make art social and democratic experience for artist and artlovers using digital technology, web marketing campaign, blog and art hunter (art curator) activities. We have a functional web site and are testing 25 artist.
At the end of june we have app with QR Code ArtId (original authenticity and property certification)…is just the begin!