digital hitch-hiking


iGoOn is a real time system of urban carpooling.
The service offers a real time localization of drivers and passengers, automatically contacted by the system.A mobile application will allow the access to the system, aiding the users to communicate the destination to be reached.
The benefit of this service implies minimum effort for both the categories of users. The system will connect them only when a driver is in proximity of the passenger, minimizing the risk of delays or change of routes.

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team names: Claudio Cimmelli, Stefano Sepe, Alessia Guarino, Massimiliano Di Mella, Luigi Picaro

More info: Claudio, Stefano and Max studied together at University. In 2013 Claudio began to work on iGoOn, involving Stefano and Max to attend the Napoli startup weekend in December, where Alessia joined the team and they classified in the first place. In January Stefano’s friend Luigi joined the team, working on Android development, while Max is working on iOS, Stefano and Claudio on back end algorithms, and Alessia on financial and fundraising scope.