Itineranda brings back the natural and cultural heritage to the center of tourism circuits and market

itineranda-logo-200x200Itineranda is a web platform that allows you to reintroduce and rediscover places otherwise unknown on the tourism circuits, redistributing the flow of tourists and its wealth in the marginalized territories and restoring vigor and new life to the small and medium ecosystems these territories hold.

Itineranda gives back to the centrality of natural and cultural heritage, freeing it from the commercial strategies of conventional tourism market.

team: Eric Delerue – Founder, Web & Business Development  – Fabio Bruno – CMO – Maria Fazio – Project Management – Francesco Pellegrino – System Engineer

more info: itineranda allows residents and tourists to promote online sites that surround them, to create unique itineraries and to create virtual communities in support of the territories, exploiting and benefiting from an online communication and marketing channel that enhances the emotional relationship between a territory, its residents and its visitors.
itineranda collects and brings to you hidden, forgotten, unknown but yet timeless and extraordinary places, suggested by locals and tourists, for a transit tourism. See exclusive places and create your own and unique itineraries in the cities you’d like to visit.