My Angel takes care of your dears

myangel“My Angel” is a bracelet containing an nfc tag, that is the access key to “My Angel Cloud”, where users can upload their first aid information, such as blood type, intolerances, contacts, etc. In case of need, such information can be displayed on a smartphone. Via cloud mode, parents can upload useful information on the bracelet, such as blood type, food intolerances, contact numbers and further data considered necessary for the safety of the bracelet’s owner. This will allow any enabled users (teachers, ambulance, police, etc.) to read the information and provide immediate and quick help only by “scanning” the bracelet through their smartphone. Thanks to my angel app, all information and numbers to call will be displayed in real time.


Team: Roberto BilanciaFilippo ScorzaPaolo MarazziRiccardo Zanini

More info: Such a technology is supported by a web-based platform and allows to reduce drastically both the incidence of mistake and the timing of intervention in emergency situations. Besides, it provides an advanced tool for data storing and sharing, going beyond the obsolete paper data archives. Moreover, it also permits a constant data updating as well as their storage which is possibly divided into separate areas that can be displayed accordingly (timing vs. data).
Thanks to My Angel bracelet, users can use their smarthphone to access quickly and safely to the information uploaded on “my angel cloud”. Parents can always choose which information to make public, as to ensure both safety and privacy.
In case you have a smartphone provided with embedded nfc reader, you can use the “direct call” service: a free number and a unique identification code are imprinted on each bracelet. By making a phone call and dialling the code, you will activate an automatic phone transfer protocol to the first number stored on the cloud for that specific user.