The first and unique mouse for everything and for everybody


NABALL IS MUCH MORE THAN A SIMPLE MOUSE, DUE TO FLEXIBILITY AND ADAPTABILITY, is able to interact with all video systems, integrating IN A SINGLE SYSTEM the functions of all the devices on the market and in use.
This REVOLUTIONARY MOUSE can be used both by people unable to perform normally standard movements, both by people with different levels of physical disabilities in the upper limbs, and finally, by people without upper limbs using the accessory bracelet.
It is the result of the joint effort of professors and researchers in industrial design, physics, materials engineering and a student of design, suffering from physical disabilities, who worked on the audit of the mouse.


Website: naballmouse

Team: Mario Buono, Eugenio Amendola, Sonia Capece, Mario Montanino, Pasquale Salzillo, Nicola Spinelli, Xuan Wang