A game factory strongly oriented towards social game meccanic innovation

vulcanWe want to bring innovation in the world of games and in the social dynamics that regulate it. Our project, Cat Realms the collectible card game is based on a system of internal microtransactions, that gives freedom to the players to exchange or auction sale cards with their friends

Cat Realms is an online trading cards game that will be distributed on Pc/Mac/Android/IOs. It’s a strategy game in which you use the cards to get units, events and items and lead your army to the victory!
You can collect cards, compose your own deck and battle with friends or in ranked leagues. At every game you can expand your collection and broaden the strategies you can use. You can buy the cards or exchange them with your friends and be part of the community.


Website: sleepingvolcano.com

Team members: Raffaele Di CarloRoberto MaffettonePasquale Franzese