The Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) is the first pan-European open platform dedicated to supporting the growth and sustainability of European startups able to compete and raise funds at international and global level.
This accelerator will help startups break through the glass ceiling into maturity. Founding partners include Telefonica, Orange, BBVA, European Investment Fund which is part of the European Investment Bank Group, Cambridge University, IE Business School Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Nesta and Mind the Bridge.

The initiative is one of the 6 actions for web entrepreneurs defined in the Commission Communication “Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan”

Go-Global as a taste for EU

– Learning the logic of startup-scouting
– Exposure to grass root innovations (bottom up approach)
– Cross-industry fertilization
– testing the water with a little financial commitment (2.5 vs 50K EU)