Innovatives Wi-Fi Mobile Marketing & Advertising Apps

WIMOWimo provides a set of marketing and advertising Apps based on Free WiFi mesh networks.

Wimo helps marketing agencies, brands, companies, business owners to fidelize their customers offering them an usefull and liked service as the free internet connection, keeping them informed about specials offers, events, discounts and other usefull informations.

Wimo also provide easy to use rewards and fidelity Apps and other marketing tools designed for vertical markets as:, Wimo Social, Wimo Urban, Wimo Prox, Wimo Brand, Wimo Events. Territorial marketing tools are also availables to publics administrations.



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Other info:   Wimo was founded  on 2011, since 2012 was choosed by the most famous locations of the Ismeralda Coast (Sardinia), today it’s hot spots are presents in many Italian cities from south to north covering the trendiest locations as pubs, shopping centers, discos, beaches, fashion shops, franchising chains, SPA, medical centers and more, Wimo also provides unbranded services to international marketing agencies and wi-fi networks.

Areas of Activity:  Fashion, Tourism, Cultural Heritage, Accomodation and Restoration, Medical.

We are looking for partnership with international and regional distributors and resellers, and local agents too.

Languages availables on users inteface: Italian. English, French, Spanish, German, …coming more