Green Internet of Things Cloud solution for smart managing and monitoring of sensor networks

WiMoticsEnergy saving up to 80% with LED solutions, competitive sensor node prices, two way and encrypted communication – sensors reading and send command to actuators, flexible mesh (fault tolerant) wireless wide range sensor network, every Client view and manage only their own Users, Profiles and Sensors.
Unified Web dashboard with managing, monitoring, user defined Rules in Web Rule Editor, Schedule on calendar actions, custom Alerts and Notifications (SMS, Email), Graph and Reports.Flexible, encrypted, wide range (from 500 mt to 30 Km between nodes) peer to peer, fault tolerant, XBee mesh network of sensors without ZigBee limitations.



Website: WiMotics

Team: Pasquale Guarino

More info: Manage and view Sensors from any device (Tablet, Smartphone, Desktop Browser) and send commands direcly in the Google Map view.Schedule single or recurrent comands based on template for entire logical groups of sensor nodes and view schedules on calendar (outlook style).Stop and/or pause recurrent commands or a single User Rule by evaluation of the Rule Engine.Rules based on nodes parameters defined dynamically in the Web Browser by the en user for alert and alarms and Email/SMS.

Download Product Sheet(.pdf)