Anne-Marie-Russo-mentorAnne-Marie has proven success in client management, business development, university relations, admissions, career services and international corporate training. She is a pro at creating strategic partnerships and delivering excellent service both locally and internationally.

Anne-Marie is committed to contributing to her local community by leveraging her knowledge of the current marketplace and emerging industries and promoting sustainable management practices. She excels at identifying and creating opportunities and effectively promotes the exchange of information and ideas.


Currently, she is responsible for Business Development of MailUp, Inc. in the United States and abroad. The U.S. location is basically in startup mode where Anne-Marie navigates constant change and has the flexibility to pivot priorities, whether it be building front-end sales and marketing strategies, communicating new product developments to clients, managing the CRM system, or hitting the ground running with a new partnership opportunity.

Anne-Marie shares her expertise in presentation and communication as a lead mentor/trainer for an international startup bootcamp in San Francisco at the Mind the Bridge Foundation.

Born and raised in multi-ethnic Hawaii, Anne-Marie strives to bridge the intercultural communications gap and promotes global access to education through e-learning. She spent 8 years in Italy training Italian executives in business communications: Senate of Italy, Texas Instruments, Oracle Italia.

Client and partnership management
Digital Marketing
Business Development and Sales
International Human Resources
Graduate School recruiting, admissions and marketing
Intercultural training and communications