Research and innovation are key to foster the competiveness of a territory. Campania is the third Italian region in terms of investment in research and higher education , and the main research hub of southern Italy.

During the period spanning 2007 to 2013, Campania among all Italian regions has devoted the largest amount of public resources to research and development. Today the Campania is house to 7 universities, 40 institutes of advanced research, 10 centers of competence, a technology district, 5 incubators and 2 science and technology parks. On the business side numbers speak even louder, with over 38,000 manufacturing industries, of which 7,000 devoted exclusively to export, and a vibrant craft and service sector, Campania qualifies as one of Italy’s premier productive poles.

During the last decades Campania has devoted significant resources to the creation of an infrastructure network capable of supporting innovative processes, and foster and strengthen the collaboration among local entrepreneurs and researchers from all major fields of innovation. To achieve this goal, and promote innovation technology, the Campania Region has established a Regional Agency for the Promotion of Research and Innovation (Campania Innovation spa).

The Agency’s main objective is create and foster the network between researchers and industry, and encourage the creation of innovative firms in the area of venture finance, innovation, technology transfer as well as support the participation in European development programs and international initiatives.