Entrepreneursip 360°

Trends and Best Practices

Campania In.Hub: Marco Leonetti

EBN Presentation: David Tee

Accellerator Assembly: Isido Laso Ballesteros

Fulbright BEST: Fernando Napolitano

Startup Bootcamp: Peter Kruger

The Factory (Berlin): Simon Schaefer

Working Capital Accelerator: Anna Testa

Smart and Start: Lina D’Amato

Major of City of Naples: Luigi De Magistris

Interview: Fabrizio Capobianco

Deniss Jacobs


From Vesuvio to Silicon Valley and back



Ship Performance Monitoring


Butterfly Project

Mind the Bridge

Vito Grassi

Enrico Panini

Cooming soon


Startup Europe Partnership

Go Global now: S.E.P.

SEP: Stefano Firpo

SEP: Alberto Onetti

SEP: Isidro Laso Ballesteros

SEP: Corporate Venture Initiatives

SEP: Sharing Best Practices

What is S.E.P: Alberto Onetti

Rick Belluzzo